Canadian winter 'nuff said.

L to R Jennifer Torosian, Markoo, Atelier Wonder, UNTTLD, Malorie Urbanovitch

Mid season is prime for retail therapy because a) a new coat can get you out of hibernation mode and b) they are likely on sale.

Two factors to keep in mind: statement and quality. A statement piece is something to get excited about. The idea is to feel rejuvenated in the dead of winter, and a black peacoat is no fix. Quality is key; a fast fashion piece is basically just that, fast. It may be easier on your bank account but will never stand the test of time.

Here are my top 5 Canadian coats to get you feeling the rest of winter:

Jennifer Torosian A midi plaid complete with mohair belt for the ultimate geek chic. Available at ($725 end of season $435)

Markoo Legit update on the moto. Their Electra Moto is uber sleek with the right amount of detail in the right places. Available at (price available on request)

Atelier Wonder Camo made a comeback this season and everyone needs a proper bomber jacket minus embroidery. Available at, SOOP SOOP, Deux Lions ($319 end of season $220)

UNTTLD They call it the Cocoon fur coat. The name alone should give you positive vibes. Available at 866-297-9722 ($1990)

Malorie Urbanovitch A classic trench is a no brainer and the two-tone takes it up a notch. Available at ($675)